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Watch Patient Video from OCU400 Clinical Trial

OCU400 is an investigational drug product Ocugen is researching for the treatment of certain patients with retinitis pigmentosa. OCU400 is not currently approved for any use.
There is currently one ongoing Phase 1/2 clinical trial for OCU400. This video depicts one participant’s experience on OCU400 in the ongoing Phase 1/2 OCU400 trial. This participant’s description of his personal experience may not reflect all or even most participants’ experiences on OCU400 or in the clinical trial. The participant provided permission for Ocugen to use his image and voice in this video. Nothing in this video is intended to suggest that OCU400 has been determined to be safe and effective for any use.

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Phase 1/2 Study Overview


Phase 1/2 Study Overview


Phase 1/2 Study Overview

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