OCU500 Series

OCU500: Bivalent COVID-19 inhaled vaccine
OCU510: Seasonal quadrivalent flu inhaled vaccine
OCU520: Combination quadrivalent seasonal flu and bivalent COVID-19 inhaled vaccine.

The OCU500 vaccine series is based on a novel ChAd platform designed to reduce transmission and protect against new variants with long-term durability.

Inhalation technology as a differentiator

  • Multiple preclinical studies using Ocugen’s vector demonstrated vaccine-induced high neutralizing and effector responses
  • Clinical studies using a similar vector administered via the inhalation platform showed mucosal antibodies, systemic antibodies, and durable immune response up to 1 year with 1/5 of the dose compared to the same vaccine given via intramuscular administration
  • The inhaled method offers the potential for broad, durable protection from severe disease and reduction in transmission

Other features include:

  • Non-invasive
  • Needle-free administration
  • Potential for increased compliance
  • Scalable manufacturing
  • Stored and shipped at standard refrigerated conditions
  • Potential to develop multi-strain and variant specific versions