Our mission is to develop innovative therapies to address rare and underserved eye diseases

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Pursuing Innovative Ocular Biotherapeutics

Ocugen, Inc. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing a pipeline of innovative therapies that address rare and underserved eye diseases. The Company offers a robust and diversified ophthalmology portfolio that includes novel gene therapies, biologics, and small molecules and targets a broad range of high-need retinal and ocular surface diseases. Ocugen is leveraging its groundbreaking modifier gene therapy platform to address genetically diverse inherited retinal disorders, including its therapies based on the nuclear hormone receptor genes NR2E3 (OCU400) and RORA (OCU410). Ocugen is also developing novel biologic therapies for wet-AMD, DME and diabetic retinopathy (OCU200), as well as for retinitis pigmentosa (OCU100). The Company's late-stage clinical pipeline offers near-term revenue potential with two candidates currently in Phase 3 trials for patients with ocular surface diseases, including ocular graft versus host disease (oGVHD) (OCU300) and dry eye disease (OCU310). Both OCU300 and OCU310 leverage Ocugen’s patented OcuNanoE – Ocugen’s ONE Platform™ technology to enhance the efficacy of topical ophthalmic therapeutics. OCU300 is the first and only therapeutic with orphan drug designation for oGVHD, providing certain regulatory and economic benefits.
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